We provide personalized comprehensive financial advice to each of our clients

Boston Asset Manager was born in 2017 as a company dedicated exclusively to the administration of mutual funds of Argentine business. At the beginning of 2019, the company began the process of expanding to the public with the aim of providing a solution to many problems that small investors encounter when they start investing their savings.

The firm is made up of several expert investment partners with experience in the corporate, financial, banking and credit sectors who are supported by a team of private sector financial advisors.


When a saver decides that it is time to start investing their money, in most cases one of the following situations occurs:

-Lack of knowledge in investments.

-Not reaching the minimum amounts to invest in the most profitable instruments.

-Not being able to diversify your investment and having to assume higher risks.

-Lack of time to manage your investments.

-Not having someone to consult when there are doubts.

Our solution:

Working together with 5 of the most prestigious brokers in Argentina, 2 in the USA and 1 in Europe we can professionally advise all investors who operate with us at no extra cost.

Paying the same commissions, without fixed costs or minimum investment amounts.

Our Mision:

We want offer our services around the word making an easy way to invest for our retail and corporate customers. We start in Argentina in 2017, expand our bussines to the United States in 2019, Uruguay in 2020 and some countries in the European Union (Italia, France, Spain, Sweden and Germany) in 2022. We expect cover the EU completely for 2030